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The Disc Manager with following functions – Job Scheduler, Job Editor, Device
Status and Read image offers full control of Gamma based duplication system.
Job Scheduler allows following actions:
• Adding and deleting jobs on the list, copying
• Moving jobs to increase /decrease its priority
• Start duplication
• Stop duplication after finishing already began CDs
• Stop duplication process immediately
• Adding job through network protocol
• Remote adding job via Network interface
Job Editor adds, deletes or edits jobs from the list and switches on/off this feature:
• Record *.ISO and *.NRG images • Verifying after recording • Definition of number of copies and disc label
• Rotation head supported *) • Input/Output bin setup • Disc image creation from existing CD/DVD
• Erase rewritable disc • Printing *.PRN and Label Designer files • Printing after or before recording

Software for easy CD/DVD On Demand Duplication
The Disc Manager software package controls automatic duplication system
equipped with disc loader, recordable CD/DVD drives and with optional disc printer.
The software contains several parts:
• Disc Manager – for PC based duplication system control with disc autoloader
• Label Designer – for creating labels and direct printing on printable disc
• Disc Xpress – mastering software for recording CD, DVD- and DVD+ media
and images creating
• NET Client – software for image sending from Client side to Disc Manager
using TCP/IP.
In connection with autoloader creates powerful system for demand duplication.

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